Submissions are closed. Please follow on social for updates. Also, please submit to the journal as this can be a good way to get noticed for the press.

Most of the pamphlets to be published are by authors published first on Beir Bua Journal. So keep on eye on the journal for her sporadic open submissions dates to be published and noticed by the editors.

Submissions sent or queries about submissions sent when we are closed will be deleted, unread.

Note, this is an Irish press and mainly publish Irish, UK, (some Europe and America) based poets as this is our audience base.

Page range from 40 to 75 max pages. Including but not limited to: 

Experimental / avant-garde Poetry
Visual poetry and Poetry. Graphic manuscripts / comics
Single Short Stories
Linked Short Stories
Essays. Conference papers.
Experiments / Autofiction / creative nonfiction / cool conference papers.

Please do considering buying a beautiful Beir Bua Press book made by this Irish press before you submit so you get a feel for the press and support it, if you are in a position to do so.

Please only include up to 35% of poems that have published in journals and include the journal name in the email.

No translations. (due to book formatting and not being able to show English and original side-by-side.)

Please use the Beir Bua Press email when contacting the press or its editor, Michelle Moloney King. DM’s are not monitored. And Twitter is for fun not business.

Formatting, rules guidelines.


1. Page range from 40 to 75 max pages.

2. Formatted to A5 in .doc (I use Google Drive word – open doc, file, page set-up, select A5 – see image) For Microsoft Word – I’m sure its in the page layout also.

3. Font Palatino Linotype (or Times New Roman) and size 10. No page numbers and nothing in the header.

4. Save your document with your name and its title, send as word doc /google doc.

5. Your social media links and website (both a must have to even be considered) and a simple 3 line description of how intend to market your book.

6. Include an introduction to your work and a dedication at the beginning of the manuscript with your biography at the end of your manuscript and 3 blurbs.

7. If selected, I will need your PayPal account – you must have one to be considered no other payment options available. And your postal address and mobile phone number with country code (to send author copies)

8. If selected, I will also need 3 blurbs of your manuscript. It is preferable that you ask 3 people to provide blurbs but if you cannot that I can ask BBP authors to blurb. Please provide a 15 word micro bio for the person giving the bio in this formatting.

Ah hear, this is a bleeding great book, hyperbole, ranting, raving.”

– Michelle Moloney King; mammy, good with words and lousy cook, This Thick Book That No one cares about is out with Meir Mea Press.

9. Email the press( email will be shared when we are open) with your manuscript as word attachment and an author picture attached to the email. Subs are closed but our competition is open.

For the moment this is a one-womxn press so please keep formatting calm enough for Beir Bua Press house style. See our social media for an idea of what we can do with the pamphlets and buy one.

We aim to get back to submission within 3 months. Once the poet has signed a contract – protecting your rights and informing you of the process and expectations.

While I’d love to be able to provide feedback on submissions we don’t take on there is no budget for the time that work would take.

 Royalties and Contracts

It’s important to me, as a poet, that Beir Bua Press pays poets – even from the start of this new press.

Authors will receive a copy of their book upon publication and 30% in royalties; this is 3 times the recommended royalty rate from the Society of Authors. This will be paid out after a certain number of sales.

There will be contracts – to protect both parties rights and that royalties are paid correctly.

Copyright always remains with you, the poet; there will be no first refusals, no exclusivity deals, and nothing that will tie you in.

To help with publicity of the poets and funding the press 3 of your poems will be n in that year’s anthology (if we publish one)

Please do considering buying a beautiful book made by this Irish press before you submit so you get a feel for the press and support it, if you are in a position to do so.

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