O Hungry Star by Andrew Rihn

Andrew Rihn is the author of Revelation: An Apocalypse in Fifty-Eight Fights (Press 53, 2020), a collection of fifty-eight one-hundred-word prose poems about Mike Tyson’s professional fights. From 2019-2021, he wrote The Pugilist, a monthly boxing column for Into the Void magazine, where he was also a poetry editor. He currently writes for The FightContinue reading “O Hungry Star by Andrew Rihn”

Holding Patterns by Julia Rose Lewis & Paul Hawkins

Julia Rose Lewis is the author of Phenomenology of the Feral (Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2017), High Erratic Ecology (Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2020) and The Hen Wife (Contrabrand, 2020). James Miller and she co-authored Strays (Haverthorn, 2017). Paul Hawkins aka Bob Modem learn’t how to drink lying down and sleep standing upContinue reading “Holding Patterns by Julia Rose Lewis & Paul Hawkins”

Fragments from Before the Fall-JP Seabright

About The Author JP Seabright is an Activist Archivist residing in the U-Shíyī District of Lúndūn, an area previously known as East London in the former  United Kingdom (pre-Sino division and outside the security perimeter). They have dedicated their life to uncovering cultural records of the prelapsarian era, specializing in unpublished proletarian poetry. This isContinue reading “Fragments from Before the Fall-JP Seabright”

The Luas is Free Beir Bua Press Anthology 2021

This collection needs no introduction. How can one say, “Tree, this is Fire!” I am just glad the Dublin Luas is free and the Beir Bia 2021 Anthology is smouldering. 30% from each sale will go to Féileacáin Ireland. Love and Light – MMK Contents WORD/PLAY by Helen Bowie Bloods Dream by James Knight ThrillsContinue reading “The Luas is Free Beir Bua Press Anthology 2021”

POEMETRY by Templeton Moss

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Templeton Moss began writing in high school as part of a hopelessly misguided attempt to get girls to like him. Since then he has written poems, short stories, novels, plays and angry rants on social media. He grew up near San Diego, California, currently lives and (when he has to) works inContinue reading “POEMETRY by Templeton Moss”

PUPPY by Marcus Slease

Marcus Slease is a (mostly) absurdist, surrealist and minimalist writer from Portadown, N. Ireland and Utah. His writing has been translated into Danish and Polish, and has been published in various magazines and anthologies, including Tin House, Poetry, Fence, Bath Magg, The Lincoln Review, Black Box Manifold, and Best British Poetry 2015. He is theContinue reading “PUPPY by Marcus Slease”

Grotesquerie for the Apocalypse by Vik Shirley

About The Author  Vik Shirley’s pamphlet Corpses (Sublunary Editions) was published in 2020, her collection, The Continued Closure of the Blue Door (HVTN PRESS), was published in 2021, as was her book of photo-poetry Disrupted Blue and Other Poems on Polaroid (Hesterglock Press). Her work has appeared in such places as Poetry London, The Rialto,Continue reading “Grotesquerie for the Apocalypse by Vik Shirley”

From Fibs to Fractals Exploring mathematical forms in poetry by Marian Christie

All of the writer’s royalty and the press revenue will go to the charity, Féileacáin Ireland. Marian Christie is originally from Harare, Zimbabwe, and travelled widely before moving to her present home in Kent. She has master’s degrees in mathematics and in creative writing. Her poetry has appeared in, among others, The Amethyst Review, BlackContinue reading “From Fibs to Fractals Exploring mathematical forms in poetry by Marian Christie”

(Un)Natural Elements by Laura Besley

Laura Besley is the author of micro fiction collection, 100neHundred (Arachne Press, 2021), and flash fiction collection, The Almost Mothers (Dahlia Books, 2020).   She has been listed by TSS Publishing as one of the top 50 British and Irish Flash Fiction writers. Her work has been nominated for Best Micro Fiction and her story, ToContinue reading “(Un)Natural Elements by Laura Besley”