Terrible Teeth Design

Welcome to a new iteration of book design. Terrible Teeth design was born after studying design, visual communications in DKIT. We use the Adobe suit to design and publish beautiful art books, catalogue books.

Prices for design start at EUR 1,500, we also publish and print the books, which you can buy at print costs, and you can earn 90% royalty on any online sales. We use over 40,000 online distributor from Amazon Barns & Nobel and more.

Our Design Process:

  • Publication design is a fundamental discipline of graphic design and contains every core principle of design.
  • We follow the 5 core principles of graphic design, which are:
    • Alignment: ensuring all elements in a design are visually connected and arranged in a cohesive manner.
    • Repetition: repeating design elements to create consistency and unity in a design.
    • Contrast: using different elements to create visual interest and hierarchy in a design.
    • Hierarchy: creating a visual order of importance in a design to guide the viewer’s eye.
    • Balance: arranging elements in a design to create a sense of equilibrium and harmony.

In summary, before starting a publication project, we conduct extensive research on the client’s brand guidelines and audience profiles. If needed, we explore different design concepts and present them to the client before agreeing on a direction. During the design phase, we adhere to the 5 core principles of graphic design to create a visually appealing and effective publication design.

Your Brand discovery for your Art Book:

  • Before starting a publication project, we take time to fully research the client’s brand guidelines and ensure that we are consistent with their brand.
  • If the client does not have brand guidelines or wishes to express something different, we explore design concepts at the start of the job through research and present them to the client as moodboards and/or case studies.
  • We research audience profiles and ensure that our proposed strategy is on target and effective.
  • Once we and the client have agreed on a direction, we move on to the next phase.

Print management requirements include:

  • Print specs:
    • Format (A4, A5, B4 or custom size)
    • Binding (saddle stitch, PUR bound, wire bound or folded)
    • Stock (glossy, matte, heavy or light paper)
    • Colour (CMYK, Pantones)
    • Finishing (spot varnishing, die-cuts, lamination)
  • Budget:
    • Transparent pricing
    • Passing printer’s price directly to clients
    • Print management fee based on an hourly rate determined in advance
    • Estimated amount of time required to liaise between the printers and clients
  • Timelines:
    • Working backwards from the launch date of the publication
    • Creating timelines based on that date
    • Typically allowing 7 days for printing and delivery (but can vary depending on project scope)

Once the print management requirements are agreed upon, we proceed to the next phase of the publication project.

Portfolio and more information to come…

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