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Please note – BBP and editor Michelle Moloney King do not monitor their social media for DM’s or direct communication – all press related queries must be directed to the press email to ensure you get a response.

This page is to help in the transparency of publishing and to help others thinking of setting up a press.

Hello you beautiful poet you,

This page is for new BBP poets who have received an acceptance from the press. IT’s like a constraint poem, full of rules and some insider winks.

Firstly, congratulations if you have been selected to be published by the very cool Beir Bua Press. This is a self-funded, female-led indie press and we also donate to charity, Féileacáin Ireland.

Please read this and your contract, follow us on Twitter, read through this website and our journal (also within this site) and buy some of our books to understand our established signature house-style before you send an email to an already very busy inbox!

Proofread your MS, blurbs, bio, and cover image blurbs.

As is the norm with professional writers – It is the writers’ responsibility to proofread your ms and all blurbs. When you greenlight your project please ensure you are 100% sure as it is very timely and costly to republish work.

Online Shops – no real life books shops

We are an online publisher with an online shop! We send the required amount of books to Irish and Uk libraries and to the archive, this takes time as we post twice yearly. We don’t wish to sell via real-life bookshops as we sell in every possible online shop.

The press does need to make money as I have invested in it and I also really want the poets to be paid. I do not receive payment from the press at the moment but it is my dream to run this press full time in the future.

We distribute books globally online.

We went for global distribution, even though the revenues are very low from that but this ensures the works potentially get into the hands of millions of shoppers. BBP books are available to buy from hundreds of online retailers. But buying from the website or printers is best – so please only share those links.

As for now – we do not do ebooks


We have limited space and a full publication list, if you have already been published with the press please email during open subs, we cannot guarantee another publication deal, all subs are read and considered. Submissions are only read during open subs to our subs inbox, subscribe to the website our our newsletter and follow us on twitter to find out when we open.


BBP pays authors 30% royalty to individual authors or a split of 15% to two collab authors, we ensure the press always receives a portion of the remaining 70% to help with its running costs and we donate from select of our books. This is very unusual in publishing, some presses “pay” in books, other’s a tiny percentage on fewer books sold. We also donate to Féileacáin Ireland.

We also send 3 author copies to BBP poets and 1 author copy for vispo (due to higher costs.)

If you wish you can donate a portion of your 30% royalty to this charity (Féileacáin Ireland) and they will be added as a payee onto your book’s accounts.

Once you have been accepted you will receive the contract in due course. Please read this carefully, a lot of information about royalty, orders, and copyright – this is so to reduce the need for contacting the press.


Only one or two blubrs are required. It is asked that each poet finds blurbs, please paste them into the shared manuscript.

Please do not email the press with blurbs, we work from the shared manuscript and will see the blurbs in that document.

Please – BLURBS ARE TO BE SHORT! MAX 30 words with a 10 WORD MICRO BIO! These blurbs are to be included on the back cover so need to be short.

Please ask the blurbbers not to send the manuscript to others as it is the intellectual property of the poet and is deemed a competitive act against the press. Support the arts and buy books!

The hard deadline is a month before your publication for blurbs.

BBP likes to have an introduction from the poet. We just want to know you, your thoughts, your behind the scenes on your work. Hence the writer / poet introducing their own work. We just want to know about your process and thoughts on inspo for the work. At least two pages.

No table of contents. Just no – thank you! (unless it is true to the vision of the book.)

About the author

Your manuscript will need a dedication, a short paragraph bio for your about the author page, I want details on you, not your publications! Include a photo of yourself- if you wish, this image is to be inserted into the document by you. Please do not email the press with your images. This is all done in the shared master manuscript, on the cloud.

We reserve the right to cut out extra details such as long lists of previous publication lists, longer than the accepted paragraph bios, or longer that our standard blurbs.

ManuScript – proofing / editing / layout / comments


We use cloud tech to prevent thread after thread of emails. BBP will leave comments within the master manuscript, which you will receive by email, and you can click on the comments and be brought to your document (oh the joy of the cloud and tech)

WEBSITE – Each book will get a product page on the website with a short intro, blurb, and preview. All details will be taken from the published version of your book. There is no need to contact the press with these details.

Book size

A5 with cream paper. Some vispo collections are published on white paper. In the very rare occasion, these standards change but this is always at the discretion of the press and the individual project. Cream paper is part of our evolution and our signature style.

End of Publishing Relationship

The press reserves the right to end a publishing relationship if the project is not working out. This could happen due to there being too many demands on projects and a lack of time. Sometimes, poets may be better off to self-publish and see all of their ultimate and individual demands and visions come to life. But as BBP is not a vanity press and only has so much time on projects and as we have a house-style; we need to respect our own vision and time! We respect the writers and always work to see a joint vision come to life but we also need to think of the bigger picture and spend time working on sending out review copies, admin, content creation, social media marketing, reviewing, sending pr out, and the creation of the books.

Cover Design

99% of BBP covers are designed by the editor, Michelle Moloney King unless the collection is a vispo. When the time is right for the cover to be designed you will be sent the cover for feedback.

Most people are happy with the first cover mock-up. We offer two choices. Please remember – this is a small, self-funded, indie press – time and resources are precious.

Please note that cover design is a considered design journey and your cover is done with your work in mind.

BBP is the only poetry press to be registered with The Design and Craft Council of Ireland for MMK’s cover designs. And MMK is also registered with Visual Artists Ireland.

Books that have vispo or art books the authors can provide the cover image, this will be selected by the editor of the press.

Please know, BBP receives mentorship due to these designs and its connection with The Design Design and Crafts Council, Ireland, which elevates the press as a whole and we LOVE making the covers.

We ask you to please do not share your cover design. When your book is finalised the cover will be revealed by BBP and you.

After the cover is approved and you are happy with your collection the next stage is for the manuscript is to be uploaded to the publishing software.


We aim to publish on Thursdays and aim to have an online launch at month-end, usually the last Friday at 8pm Irish time, online via Zoom.

Please watch previous launches (all are listed in our youtube and in the product pages, please allow time for this to happen)

You need to 100% happy because once its published its published. It is costly to republish both in time, which I have very little, and in paying for new proof copies. The contract says you can republish is you see a major error, but please – check as it is unprofessional to republish and costs me in stress, time, and money.

Remember – Books need to be spellchecked and already for publication by the time the press receives them!

Provide the press with (when accepted for publication)

You need to send an email to the press with your postal address with zip code, country and phone number to be sent your author copies. In that email please also send how much of your royalty you are keeping and what percentage, if any, you are donating to our chosen charity. Please also give your Paypal email address to be paid royalties (paid at month-end, one month in arrears if over EUR5)

Do you have an author page on Goodreads

You need to set one up and then do a search for your book and it’ll ask you to add it, so you just add the cover and name. The images you need are on the press page and Twitter please save the images from there rather than emailing the press to ask for images are already online waiting for you to save them.


Beir Bua Press

Michelle Moloney King

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